About the Author

About the Author

Hi, my name is Ross and I run The Anime Independent. This is a corner of the internet reserved for discussion about anime, manga, games and merchandise from my own personal perspective. Any views expressed are my own.

I've worked with some of the British anime publishers as a freelancer in various roles, from the early days to present (lending my opinion to shows available for licensing, running clubs etc), and have spoken to a great many manga artists, some of which have been graceful enough to add to my ever-growing collection of artwork commissions. I've worked for Japanese companies to consult on content, and visit Japan every year to enjoy the culture and report on selected events like Wonder Festival, Anime Expo and Tokyo Game Show (TGS).

I'll delve into other pursuits too - the world of comics, Sci-Fi, transforming robots and more. A.I. is a place to write about the things I love, and I hope you'll enjoy my musings.

I also have a healthy respect for Western artists and collect original comic pages and artwork from my favourite industry professionals, including Andrew Wildman, Dylan Teague, Alex Milne, Nick Roche, Bengal, Geoff Senior and Jeff Anderson. I even wrote an article on this little obsession here.

Outside of anime, I run a consultancy company and travel abroad frequently. I work in the US, South Korea, Vietnam and Japan mainly, though I do visit shows in Paris and Milan frequently too as part of my brief. Through my company I've worked with excellent charities like Hadassah, which runs a hospital in Jerusalem conducting research and providing medical care no matter your faith or background, continue to work with LTC Healthcare, a company that advises on sexual health matters and were one of the first companies to provide safe-sex products for gay men, and Disability Action Yorkshire, a company that specialises in finding work for disabled people. In fact they pack Farrah's Toffee in Harrogate, so keep an eye out, its delicious!

I'm engaged to the lovely Bryony, who works as a store manager and also writes about board games on the UK Anime Network. Together we have a stuffed toy sloth called Emmental who has his own facebook page and delights our niece!

For over 20 years I've watched the industry take shape, as companies rise and fall (and sometimes rise again!), creating the UK Anime Network as a companion to the community and giving many writers a place to make their own contributions. While I still write regularly for UKA, Anime Independent is where I'll talk about my own views.  While I don't aim to be controversial, the occasional robust discussion may be posted here. I encourage debate and you can contact me any time on ross@animeindependent.net 

I've recently created a Subscribestar page too, where I'll be posting additional thoughts and behind-the-scenes material, as well as access to hi-res and non-watermarked photography for you to use if you wish.

Enjoy the site.

- Ross