Rise of the Shield Hero - the counterpoint to metoo culture
posted on 12 Jan 2019

Rise of the Shield Hero is an intelligent and much-needed look into the repercussions of false allegations. It has been described as a series with deeply held, misanthropic victim mentality. I disagree.

Hi Score Girl - First Thoughts
posted on 09 Jan 2019

Based on the manga Hai Sakuo Garu, does Hi Score Girl truly represent gamers?

MMC Cylindrus (MTMTE Roller)
posted on 01 Jan 2019

The latest in MMC’s continuing commitment to bring the IDW original Transformer characters to life, how does the latest retool of this popular mould series hold up?

Hero Mask - First Thoughts
posted on 29 Dec 2018

A Netflix anime original set in an elite London police agency, could this new thriller give Ghost in the Shell a run for its money? No, no it can't.

Best Toy Photos 2018
posted on 13 Jan 2019

2018 was a fantastic year for toy photography, as I managed to make the use of my professional cameras for hobby purposes. Here are my favourites from last year.

Playing with Legends
posted on 29 Sep 2018

When it comes to Transformer toys, both official and third party, small is the new big thing.

Winter Wonder Festival 2018
posted on 07 Jul 2018

Wonder Festival is one of the most amazing toy and figure shows on the planet - here's my favourite photographs from the event, which I was lucky enough to attend. Enjoy early looks at anime figures, mecha and Transformers!