Fashion Illustration - Article of the Day
posted on 17 Sep 2020

The eyes at PIE aim for the sky with this fabulous fashion special.

Newage Rear Window (Reflector Toy Vers.)
posted on 05 Sep 2020

A pocket-sized third-party version of Transformers Reflector shows why Newage has made such a name for itself in 2020!

Everyday Scenes from a Parallel World
posted on 23 Aug 2020

A collection of fantastical illustrated works from Japan's leading artists

Street Fighter Swimsuit Special Collection
posted on 06 Aug 2020

Udon continues its association with Capcom with collection covering 4 years of summer illustrations

Anime Independent Toy Roundup Spring 2020
posted on 09 Jun 2020

Looking at some of the best toys to enter the office since the Pandemic locked us all away...

Metal Build Evangelion Units 1 and 2
posted on 10 Apr 2020

The mighty Evangelion Units receive the prestigious Metal Build treatment

Metal Build Strike Freedom Gundam
posted on 05 Dec 2019

The holy trinity is complete - the final evolution of Kira Yamato's signature Gundam.