Anime Music HD Style
posted on 03 Oct 2019

Delving into the world of Hi-Res audio for Eastern tunes - everything you need to know from equipment to the services you can use to stream and buy music.

First Thoughts: Record of Grancrest War
posted on 28 Sep 2019

From the pen of Ryo Mizuno (Record of Lodoss War)  comes a new fantasy adventure full of magic, politics and swordplay.

Pop Culture Shock Juri Statue
posted on 18 Sep 2019

Distributed exclusively through Sideshow, is this Street Fighter 1/4 scale Juri Han statue the ultimate rendition of the character?

Dr Stone First Thoughts
posted on 17 Sep 2019

An anime getting one heck of a marketing push, does the first episode entice further viewing?

Transformers MP44 Optimus Prime v.3
posted on 09 Sep 2019

Takara throw everything but the kitchen sink into this £365 behemoth of a 'bot. Does the gamble pay off, or have third party companies stolen their thunder?

Gundam SEED Aile Strike Metal Build Review
posted on 05 Jul 2019

Getting my lucky mitts on this most elusive of Gundam Metal Build premium figures!

Best Toy Photos 2018
posted on 13 Jan 2019

2018 was a fantastic year for toy photography, as I managed to make the use of my professional cameras for hobby purposes. Here are my favourites from last year.