Anime Independent Articles
SH Figuarts Android 21
posted on 02 Apr 2020

Android 21 gets the Figuarts treatment - how does she hold up?

Granblue Fantasy Versus Review
posted on 27 Mar 2020

Arc System Works bring their magic to this fantasy themed brawler that's a lot more than meets the eye!

First Thoughts: Beastars
posted on 16 Mar 2020

Is this another winner from the ULTRA+ Programming block?

Samurai Pizza Cats Pururun figure
posted on 14 Mar 2020

Will this figure always land on its feet? 

Under Night in Birth Exe Late CL-r Review
posted on 26 Feb 2020

A bonkers name for one of the greatest tournament fighters of the last few years, this latest iteration is looking for a fight!

Pop Culture Shock Ibuki Street Fighter Statue
posted on 21 Feb 2020

Is this the last word in Ibuki figures? Could be...

Weathering With You: Theatrical Release
posted on 31 Jan 2020

Weathering With You received an extended run across the UK, with more cinemas taking part. How does this rate against other Shinkai classics?

Transformers Masterpiece Hound
posted on 09 Jan 2020

The review I wasn't sure I was going to write. Is there any way back for Takara after Bumblebee?

2019 in review
posted on 03 Jan 2020

Comics, toys, industry hi-jinks and online media drama - it all happened in 2019!

Transformers Masterpiece Bumblebee 2.0
posted on 23 Dec 2019

Is this Takara Tomy's ultimate folly?

First Thoughts: Girls und Panzer TV Series
posted on 18 Dec 2019

Now available on Netflix, is the series as good as it's following suggests?

First Thoughts: Assassins Pride
posted on 06 Dec 2019

Is this a one-hit kill, or does Assassin's Pride miss it's target?