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Anime Music HD Style
posted on 03 Oct 2019

Delving into the world of Hi-Res audio for Eastern tunes - everything you need to know from equipment to the services you can use to stream and buy music.

First Thoughts: Record of Grancrest War
posted on 28 Sep 2019

From the pen of Ryo Mizuno (Record of Lodoss War)  comes a new fantasy adventure full of magic, politics and swordplay.

Pop Culture Shock Juri Statue
posted on 18 Sep 2019

Distributed exclusively through Sideshow, is this Street Fighter 1/4 scale Juri Han statue the ultimate rendition of the character?

Dr Stone First Thoughts
posted on 17 Sep 2019

An anime getting one heck of a marketing push, does the first episode entice further viewing?

Transformers MP44 Optimus Prime Video Review
posted on 12 Sep 2019

A tour of the controversial new Optimus Prime figure - is it worth the premium price-tag?

Astral Chain Collector's Edition Unboxing Video
posted on 10 Sep 2019

Unleashing the beast that is the Astral Chain Collector's Edition for Nintendo Switch

Death's Head (Marvel)
posted on 02 Sep 2019

Disappointed, yes?

TF Nation 2019
posted on 19 Aug 2019

Another year of celebrating those robots in disguise rolls around in Birmingham - what delights lay in store this year?

Toy Stories: Atelier Sai BubbleGum Crisis Figures
posted on 09 Aug 2019

The first in a series of new articles looking at toys from years past.

J Scott Campbell Covers the Marvel Universe
posted on 05 Aug 2019

A collection of Campbell's Marvel covers over 15 years, complete with behind the scenes commentary, sketches and more.

7Seeds First Thoughts
posted on 04 Aug 2019

Is 7Seeds the anime version of JJ Abrams' Lost? And would that be a good thing?

Collecting Comics for Covers
posted on 29 Jun 2019

As a fan of comic art in general, I've found myself expanding my comic collection of late with covers that catch my eye. Here's a few highlights!