Anime Independent Articles
Building a Turtle Lair Diorama
posted on 31 May 2022

Taking the plunge into a full-on display set-piece by a total amateur!

Love After World Domination: First Thoughts
posted on 30 May 2022

He's a cheesy lover...

Emanon Vol. 1
posted on 02 May 2022

Picked up on a whim, now one of my favourite books of all time. Serendipity would, it appear, be at work beyond the pages of this spellbinding book.

Gadgetry - Shirow Miwa Design Archives
posted on 26 Apr 2022

One of Japan's leading designers opens his portfolio courtesy of PIE International.

Spy x Family - First Thoughts
posted on 11 Apr 2022

The spies have it in this terrific adaptation of Tatsuya Endo's hit manga!

Building FlameToys Windblade
posted on 05 Apr 2022

Trying my hand at building a model kit - spare kit on standby...

Kotaro Lives Alone - First Thoughts
posted on 20 Mar 2022

The Netflix slice-of-life anime is curiously charming

Gundam Fix Figuration Wing Zero
posted on 06 Feb 2022

Appropriately for the style, something of a Holy Grail.

Science Fiction Illustration
posted on 21 Jan 2022

"...put me in a room with a table, some coffee and a copy of this book, and hours will pass in happy wonderment.

Manga vs US Comics
posted on 14 Jan 2022

The sad truth about why manga is destroying the US comics industry

Daydream - The Art of UKUMO uiti
posted on 04 Jan 2022

3 hit Doujinshi volumes are collected in this beautiful book of illustrations from UKOMO uiti

The Analogue Pocket
posted on 30 Dec 2021

Past meets future with this boutique retro handheld