Anime Independent Articles
Metallic Rouge First Thoughts
posted on 27 Feb 2024

Is the show as sharp as it looks, or does it drop a clanger?

Delicious in Dungeon First Thoughts
posted on 15 Feb 2024

Does this new Netflix anime pass the taste test?

Bang Brave Bang Bravern! First Thoughts
posted on 06 Feb 2024

A mix of modern and classic mecha action explodes onto Crunchyroll for the new season

The AI translation fascination
posted on 08 Jan 2024

AI is the next industrial revolution, and it has now come for the localisers. As with the Luddites of 1811, I expect that no amount of noise is going to stop the inevitable. 

Pluto First Thoughts
posted on 10 Nov 2023

Manga legend Osamu Tezuka finds a new outlet via Pluto on Netflix.

Correcting clickbait articles comparing She Hulk and One Piece salaries
posted on 18 Sep 2023

Naval gazing stupidity corrected.

Netflix One Piece Series Review
posted on 03 Sep 2023

The Netflix One Piece adaptation is a surprising, though much appreciated, triumph!

Netflix One Piece - First Thoughts
posted on 01 Sep 2023

Can the One Piece adaptation actually be *pause for effect* good?!

My Happy Marriage - First Thoughts
posted on 30 Aug 2023

A new romantic period drama streaming weekly on Netflix.

Transformers Furai Arcee model kit
posted on 17 Aug 2023

The second of Furai's fembot model kits hits the shelves - find out how the build went in AI towers!

SH Figuarts Spider Gwen (Standard Edition)
posted on 10 Aug 2023

Bandai's turn to tackle the popular dimension-hopping Gwen Stacy

Hell's Paradise First Thoughts
posted on 16 Jun 2023

A truly visceral period drama with monsters on all sides.