30th July Release Date for Transformers on Netflix

30th July Release Date for Transformers on Netflix

Posted on 22 Jun 2020

Netflix have released a second trailer for Transformers: Siege - The War for Crybertron trilogy. The new trailer features new footage, a Decipticon plan for one final strike against Optimus Prime's forces, and an air date reveal - July 30th.

The new series, which starts at a low point in the war for the Autobot forces, is produced by Rooster Teeth (RWBY) and animated by Japanese studio, Polygon Pictures, who also animated Transformers Prime

The series will be split into 3 chapters - Siege, Earthrise, and an as-yet-untitled third entry.The character models closely resemble the toys, with no Generation One style fudging, where the on-screen characters often didn't match the toys they were based on.

Netflix has even received specially branded versions of the toys for the series, which include spoilers and extra paint applications. They are available in the UK via toy chain Smyths, alongside the regular releases. This new wave of toys closely resemble the original toys, with cartoon-accurate heads and improved articulation. If the show is popular, it could be a genuine resurgence for the characters as they were first presented way back in 1984.

You can keep up to date via the Official Netflix Transformers Page