Eureka to Release Yakuza Wolf 1 and 2

Eureka to Release Yakuza Wolf 1 and 2

Posted on 16 Nov 2023

Luckily for us it can feel like blink and you miss the new announcements, as Eureka are adding an HD double-bill of Sonny Chiba in Yakuza Wolf 1 and 2 to their roster for release mid-February.

Want to know more? Good as I have stolen only Eureka's best synopses for:

In the spaghetti Western inspired I Perform Murder, a mysterious black-clad killer (Chiba) with a personal vendetta against the yakuza manipulates two rival clans in order to draw out his targets, leading to a climactic bloody shootout that must be seen to be believed.

Then in Extend my Condolences, Chiba plays a criminal who is betrayed and sent to prison. After serving his time, he wages war on the yakuza, eventually raiding the mansion of the crime boss who turned on him in a spectacular action packed climax that would later be directly homaged by John Woo in A Better Tomorrow II.

You can see the trailer below:

As always my advice for the best price and early delivery is to snag it from Eureka directly. (It's quite literally what I am doing now.)