Run-and-Gun survival game Dead or School coming to Switch and PS4

Run-and-Gun survival game Dead or School coming to Switch and PS4

Some lovely looking run-and-gun (and slash) action incoming from Studio Nanfushi on March 13th for Nintendo Switch and PS4. We'll be reviewing this one, so keep an eye out!

From the Press Release:

Join Hisako’s fight for survival against the zombie infestation overrunning Tokyo and defend her right to a normal school life in this fast-paced 2.5D adventure for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Forced into isolation underground by the zombie apocalypse, Hisako has little understanding of the world above, but after Hisako's grandmother reveals stories of a perfect childhood aboveground, and hands over her old high school uniform, Hisako is Inspired to fight back against the mutant hordes to rediscover the world aboveground and claim her dream of becoming a normal high school girl.

Travel across Tokyo visiting iconic locations such as Shinjuku, Asakusa, Akihabara and Roppongi using the subway system while defeating hordes of the undead at each location in both close and ranged combat. Hisako’s weapons and abilities can also be upgraded for even more destructive force while hidden collectables will reveal more about the truth behind the zombie apocalypse. Will Hisako be able to find salvation at SCHOOL, or is the world just DEAD? Find out in DEAD OR SCHOOL!

Announcement Trailer:

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