Raphtalia Figma Photo Gallery

Raphtalia Figma Photo Gallery

The latest Figma release is Raphtalia from Rising of the Shield Hero. Despite the ridiculous and unfounded outrage from the usual mob (see my rebuke to their shallow arguments here), Raphtalia won Crunchyroll's 2020 fan vote for Best Girl, and the animated series has been confirmed for three seasons.

Raphtalia is an amazing character who, despite her tragic past, became the one light that shone in the darkness at her master Naofume's lowest ebb. It's no wonder she found a place in the hearts of anime fans around the world.

This articulated figure (which will be fully reviewed on the UK Anime Network) features a large array of accessories and goodies - from the usual stand, multiple faces and multiple hands, she comes with a gold bracelet and 3 swords, providing plenty of display options for fans of this beautiful and faithful young woman.

I hope you enjoy the photographs as much as I enjoyed taking them.

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